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Tales of Games Day 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 14, 2014, 6:55 AM


Last Saturday, a group of Tales fans gathered in a small function room for the Tales of Games Day event. It was the second time I held this event; the first was at the end of year 2010, about three years ago. And just like before, it was so much fun. \o/

Woke up early in the morning to finish packing and prepare some light finger-foods. I made egg sandwiches and cooked Japanese seaweed chicken, and then my kind father gave me a lift down to sakura-rikami's place. Unfortunately, I got violently carsick on the way there and Sakami kind of overslept, so we spent about half an hour sitting quietly in her house until we both felt better. We rushed to buy drinks, and had to wait in a pretty long queue, then went straight to the function room. But the security guard in charge was on a patrol, and we had to wait for a while before he came back to open it oTL

Sakami and her housekeeper Irene helped to carry all my heavy luggage down, and we proceeded to set things up.

The simple banner I made, and the cover page of the Tales of Xillia 2 Calendar.

Food and drinks to the side, and games properties in front!

Due to the numerous delays, we finished later than I had planned. Some of the others had already arrived, while some others were stuck midjourney because there was an electrical fault in the train lines and all services were stopped. Waiyin Frozenleaf91 and Nocturne noctnoku were both stranded at the same train station, so I sent them to meet each other, and they went to queue for a cab. aki-lhant was stuck on the other side of the island, and also due to arrive late.

Sakami and I went over to the train station and collected everyone there, then returned to the function room. We rolled around a little to cool down in the air conditioning, then set out chairs and began a short introduction around. Everyone laughed at how I had reference notes in my hands, but well, EXCUSE ME FOR HAVING A MEMORY LIKE A SIEVE ;_;

Everyone was asked to state their preferred names, nationality and languages they spoke, then a list of the Tales games they've played. Beginning with Geraldine, who played mostly the older games, then Jiaxin and Yining, who come from China. A space of three empty chairs (it's amazing how my memory occasionally remembers useless details like that but not three lines of introduction), then hweein and ruby-hearts, who knew mainly the newest series, DevilAurora, Wen Loong, who comes from Malaysia, and finally Sakami.

I also asked them who their favourite Tales characters were. Sakami looked downwards and went "Asch" with a sheepish smile like it was some kind of guilty pleasure pft. Wen Loong replied Asbel; Graces was his first Tales game. Greg replied, "Luke and Tear, OTP." To which I went, "I didn't ask for your ship, I asked for your favourite characters!" But apparently he does like both of them and he ships them, so okaycan.jpeg?

Ruby likes Tear because she's really badass, and Milla too. Hweein listed one from each game she played; Jade from Abyss, Asbel from Graces, and Alvin from Xillia. Yining went "Yuri" very confidently, and Jiaxin did the same with "Luke". Kinda hilarious how most of the others had multiple favourite characters, while these two had only One True Love each HAHA. Geraldine said that Jay was her first cough, after which came Yuan and Kratos.

We then spoke a little about the others who hadn't yet arrived, and we guessed that Nocturne's favourite chara(s) would be Chal + Leon, Waiyin's would be Jude and Luke, and Aki's would be Asbel.

Waiyin and Nocturne arrived soon after that, and after a quick round of introductions, I asked them their favourites. Waiyin went "Jude" alone at first, but after a bit of pressing she added "Luke" so I was pleased. Nocturne, however, replied "Zelos" first, so both Gerry and I were disappoint.

And then we began our Icebreaker games! First up was Whacko!

Ruby with the Pikohan!

Ruby, Sakami, hiding your faces won't make you any less of a target. XDD

Due to the fact that some of them already knew each other, Whacko wasn't as much as a challenge for them, so I decided to raise the bar a little. They'd have to call each person's name three times. This had hilarious results:


And my personal favourite:


Jiaxin you're so fabulous in this photo I don't even

Look at 'em twintails!

Second icebreakers game was the Silent Game, in which they had to arrange themselves in ascending order of various requirements, such as age, height, birthdate, hair length.

I swear Gerry has some of the best expressions XD Sakami is cute here too~

According to hair length. Gerry's face again www Also, it was actually kind of hard to judge with some of the girls' hair tied up...

Originally, I gave them about 30 seconds, but as they finished under 15 seconds, I began to shorten the time frame until the final round, in which I gave them 10 seconds. Penalties galore!

Final icebreakers was the much-dreaded Rhythm Game. In which one needs to coordinate rhythm, concentration, memory and quick thinking to avoid getting penalties.

Needless to say, everyone was hating on me 8DDD First song was Garasu no Hana!

The moment you lose concentration and mess up, your actions are out of sync with everyone else too XDDD

Don't despair, Waiyin, you're not the only one XD

During the game, those who attended the previous Games Day talked about how life will be twice as terrible once I moved on to Karma. I said, "Who says I'm going to use Karma this time too? I don't really like reusing the same stuff over."

And then I played Karma anyway. When they protested, I went "I lied."

During Karma. Sakami's face: "So done with this game." It's also really hilarious, how this photo on Facebook had comments going:

Ruby: "Don't worry, I won't play Karma."
Me: "I lied."
Sakami: I won't play Karma, she said. This will be fun, she said.

And these got a lot of likes. HAHA

When the icebreakers ended, there were the penalties to clear! Waiyin finished her first penalty "Recite the alphabet backwards" by writing them out on the whiteboard as reference. Wen Loong's first was to "Recite the months of the year backwards". Ruby sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with accompanying actions. Hweein's first was to do 15 situps.

Sakami had to recite the 7 times table, and she did so in Mandarin, being more used to that, although she got stuck at 9 x 7 for a while HAHAHA. Greg was to list the planets in the Solar System.

Greg: "Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Satan..."
Someone: "It's SA-TURN!!"
Greg: "...Whatever!!"
He ended with Neptune. Waiyin told him he missed one, and he protested "PLUTO NOT COUNTED". Greg, please, there's still Uranus.

Yining had to fold a paper aeroplane one handed. She was all "NOOO HOW" at first but she managed it! And then I told her to throw it and she threw it at me. Everyone laughed. NO RESPECT FOR THE GAME MASTER SOBBETH

Nocturne was to recite "Truly rural" 7 times. She messed up a couple of times and it sounded hilarious. Aki arrived then, and got to join us in watching Waiyin run like Cheria across the room.

Hweein's second penalty was to give a 30-second talk about dogs. "Dogs are very cute. They come in all colours...." and so on. Wen Loong's second was to stand on one foot for 30 seconds, which he did while flailing around on purpose. Greg's second was to perform 10  jumping jacks. And finally came Sakami's second penalty... Which was to confess her love to a single person in the room and convince her to say yes.

Sakami: "Will you go out with me? I will love you enough to stick dangerous untested technology into my brain..."
Sakami: "I will offer you crablettes every week... every day."
Hweein: "Okay yes."


Then we began the actual games. I divided everyone into two teams, based on their history of Tales games played (so that the teams would be more or less equal in ability!), and asked them to choose their own team name. Waiyin, Yining, Sakami, Jiaxin and Hweein became Team Mabo Curry, while Greg, Wen Loong, Aki, Geraldine, Nocturne and Ruby became Team Majinken.

First game up was Tales of Jigsaw Puzzles! Each team was given a pile of puzzle pieces and several pictures, and the quickest to complete all their puzzles would gain more points for their team.

Everyone preparing to begin. Team Mabo Curry to the left, and Team Majinken to the right. Nocturne's face is a sight to behold.

Due to the fact that Team Mabo Curry was short of one member, I joined them as an extra pair of hands for this game. Most of the puzzles weren't too difficult, but the hardest one, Vesperia, had many small pieces of white spaces. In the end, Mabo Curry finished first.

They continued neatening up the puzzles though.

Team Majinken were having difficulties with Vesperia too. CURSE YOU WHITE SPACES was a common complaint.


And then we moved on to Game 2: Tales of BGMs. 26 different pieces of Tales music were played for about 30 seconds each, during which the teams had to identify them and write down the game and scene the track came from, along with the OST title.

Team Majinken at work. They needed a spare piece of paper for silent discussion, so they wrote over the back of my rule sheet HAHA

Team Mabo Curry at work. While the other team picked cool coloured pens such as green, purple, blue, they took warm ones, pink, red and brown.

Some of the noticeable reactions included how Ruby said "I never listen to game over music because I soft reset before I die", and the slight uproar over "Meaning of Birth" and "Time to Raise the Cross".

Aaaaaand Mabo Curry turned out to be... employing the aid of special item Google. Whoops. Majinken raised a pretty big fuss over that, and though Waiyin went "You never said we COULDN'T use google!", which is true... I wound up taking 10 points from them. And 1 from Majinken for harping on it so noisily XD

At the end, the teams exchanged their answers to mark each other's work. The very first track was Abyss' Game Over, and Waiyin automatically wrote down corrections for them instead of just the points HAHAHAHAHA. Greg even tossed her his green pen.

Xillia's Trigraph theme, Aki wrote 異文明都市 instead of A City of Another Civilisation www For Zirnitra's The Moving Gigantic Ship, Majinken's team apparently thought it was the theme of Dahngrest; there were a lot of different misspellings of Dahngrest over my rule sheet and their answer sheet XD And for Eien no Ashita, Mabo Curry originally thought it was from Tales of Destiny, even writing Yume wo before cancelling that out and putting Hearts instead. Well, they're both DEEN after all HAHA

And the result:

Then everyone took a short break to eat, drink, and visit the washroom before we began again.

I received a couple of compliments for my egg sandwiches THANK GOODNESS. At least I know it's not just my taste buds being weird thinking they're nice ^^;;

Game 3 was Tales of Magic Carta, known to all who play the minigame in Graces. I used the rules from the official Magic Carta, which includes the two part quote and the character's name. Because I wanted to have more characters, including those from Graces and Xillia, I printed Card Evolve cards instead of Magic Carta ones. They're really gorgeous *w* Both Mabo Curry and Majinken were split into two mini groups to take turns playing.

Round 1. Unfortunately, I didn't think of passing Soren on until later, so I only have a grand total of 2 photos from this first round ;_; Gerry was really strong in this round.

And here's the second photo. Nocturne looks like a mermaid in this photo somehow www

Round 2! Photos taken by Noct.

"I HAVE FOUND THE YURI. GAZE UPON ITS MAGNIFICENCE!" Waiyin grabbed him immediately after I began the chant for Savage Wolf Fury.

The cards

It was hilarious, watching them fight over the carta. Especially simple stuff like "I'M THE GOODWILL AMBASSADOR!" and "IT'S ROSE DAMMIT!"; people were scrambling and screaming and tossing cards left and right.

Occasionally, when they don't know what character said the quote, some would just raise the most likely character they can find and hope they're right HAHAHA. In some cases, more than one person would slam their hands on a card fiercely and no one could tell who got it first. When that happens...


Greg scores for Guy! He also grabbed Long haired Luke, and these two were the first Tales charas he cosplayed XDDD Also look at his right hand in this shot.

For LH-Luke with the I AM GOODWILL AMBASSADOR quote, Sakami had seen a card of short haired Luke, one leg raised in midair for a kick, so she was searching for those legs. Greg raised the LH-Luke and she went "oh".

And Waiyin scores for Luke fon Fabre (Short hair)! She was amazing in both rounds (playing twice because Mabo Curry is one member short), grabbing many cards quickly, such as "BLAHBLAHBLAH!", "Ludger, my GHS is broken", "KUREAAAAAA", and "All beginnings, must end. Let it be, by my hand!"

Gerry's pose XD Apparently, the line for Ain Soph Aur came out, and she freaked.

On that note, for Emil's "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality", they picked up a card of Ratatosk and actually noted that it WASN'T Emil without me saying no, so they put him back and searched feverishly for green eyes XD I find this amazing.

You can see from the tiny text on the card that the card for this moment was Ludger. The quote I gave was "HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHH!!" but unfortunately no one got it at first ;_; The moment I added "MATTER DESTRUCT", Aki got it.

I love how in this picture Greg is all "This one right?" while Jiaxin and Sakami are going "Please let it not be that one" at me.

Alvin! And finally a picture of Yining in which she doesn't look like a glamorous picture-perfect model XDDD Sakami and I were flipping tables at how everyone else were so derp in the photos except Yining; she always looked so beautiful! ;w; Apparently she was shocked at Waiyin's lightning fast speed in card snatching.


Some other interesting anecdotes:
Judas > "They always begin here, don't they, Chal?" People thought it was Leon, but I went "LEON HAS ANOTHER SIDE YOU KNOW" and someone managed to grab Judas. The card has no mask on though, and apparently some thought he was Jude. HAHA
Wingul > Mystic Arte. Moment I spoke Londau, they were searching frantically for it and Greg snatched it. Sakami was very disappointed.
Reala: > "Kyle~" Waiyin had no idea who it was and randomly held up Reala and got the points.
Leia > "But smilies and emoticons are cute!" "Frogs have this pitiful look in their eyes, and that reminds me of you." Everyone was going OMG WHO IS THIS SUPER MEAN PERSON and wondered if it was Alvin at first. When I said Leia, they scrambled to find her while they went WHAT OMG LEIA IS SO MEAN IN X2. I asked if they knew who she was talking about and everyone just went "Jude?" immediately HAHAHA. When I told them no, it's Alvin, they died laughing XD
Ruca > "It was probably just luck." Sakami grabbed it at once, and said "I REMEMBER IT'S THE SHOTA." Well, we see where your priorities lie. XDDD

Jade > "I who stand in the full light of the heavens--" I had barely finished the chant and Jade was raised.
Chaltier < "You will always be my young master!" Gerry went BOCCHAN after holding it up triumphantly.
Gaius > Wen Loong raised Hisui first, having mistaken him for Gaius HAHAHAHAHA. I assured him that he wasn't the first person to do so XDDDDD (Sakami got the right card)
Sophie > "I've travelled back in time from next week." Sakami took it and went "Please stop throwing monsters at us!" Sakami was pretty much the only one who completed the second half of the quotes at me (she also did 'Philia Bomb!'). This is the result of playing Graces so much, you end up memorizing the quotes HAHA

The final score for the Carta round was 151 for Mabo Curry, and 149 for Majinken. It was wonderful how they were still pretty much on equal footing with each other. Thank goodness my team arrangement worked out this time ^^;

Midway view of my table. It's so messy XD;

After a short break was our fourth game, Tales of Costumes. The objective was for a player to describe the physical appearance of a Tales character and have the rest guess it. Apart from eye and hair colour, everything else on the artwork is permitted.

Aki came up first. Sakami's face www

Sakami and Jiaxin's faces are like 'what'.

"Oh you~"

Geraldine is not impressed.

Sakami in her best impersonation of

Waiyin wwwwww

All Yining said was "Long hair, with... " and then Sakami got it.

All Nocturne said was "Long hair, overall palette is black" and then Yining got it, too.

Wen Loong described him as "His hair is fabulous and he has a long cape", and Waiyin got it. Fabulous has now become everyone's favourite word.

"Wears a skull hat..."

Someone asked "IS IT A GUY OR A GIRL" and Ruby went "... I... don't know..." POOR KEELE.

Gerry and Nocturne are so in sync, they even blink at the same time.

"Pink cape--" and immediately everyone got it.

Wen Loong looks like he's playing a portable console.

When we were about two thirds through, I looked at the time and told them that we're running rather late, and there was still the final game to go before we were to pack up and go for dinner, so I wanted to end Costumes then. But to my utmost surprise, everyone protested, wanting to continue. No one had a curfew, and they didn't mind staying late. In a way, this is probably the highest praise for me; it meant that they were having so much fun they didn't want to stop, not even for dinner. XD;;

Some of the more notable anecdotes:
Barbatos > Nocturne: "Has a green cape behind and a blue cape in front around his waist..." Nobody managed to guess this XD
Hubert > Ruby: "THIGH HIGH WHITE BOOTS" Aki guessed this.
Malik > Nocturne: "HE HAS A MAGNET ON HIS BACK. USES A PARANG." Everyone just died laughing.
Senel > Greg: "Has nuts on his wrists and ankles." PEOPLE GOT CONFUSED, I'M NOT SURE WHAT THEY WERE IMAGINING...
Kratos > Geraldine. Apparently her face turned red, so before she even said anything, Nocturne guessed it was him. POWER OF TOMODACHI...?!
Yggdrasill > Nocturne: "WHITE DISCO OUTFIT" and Waiyin guessed correctly.

Elise > Hweein: "Very lolita"
Alvin > "HAS A BIG SCARF IN FRONT" As we moved on to the next one, Ruby went "Is he wearing anything else?"
Milla > "LOTS OF RIBBONS, LONG HAIR" Ruby guessed correctly. When X2's red outfit Milla came out with a similar description, Ruby was the one who guessed it too XD
Gaius > Sakami: "This man is on fire."
Wingul > Aki: "EMO HAIR"
Johnny > Waiyin: "I WAS WONDERING WHEN HE'D TURN UP. Long purple scarves, large hat with feathers coming out from it" and Geraldine got it.

As you can see, Majinken was very, very strong at this.

And then we moved on to our final game, Tales of Taboo!

When we first started out, some were sitting on the floor, but that didn't last. XD

The word Yining had to describe was 'All-Divide'. Because she doesn't use them, she had no idea what it was HAHA.

FACEPALM. Because the word she had to describe was 'Soda Rice/Cider Han'.

Greg going "wth is this?!"

The word is 'Apatheia', but Ruby hasn't played Vesperia. "WHEN YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, YOU FEEL...?" Someone went "SAD".


Wen Loong's pose reminds me of

Meanwhile, Waiyin and Yining are going "Hehehe~" at the other team www

Fabulous hand!

Greg again.

More of Greg's "wth is this?!" while Nocturne and Gerry are showing Tomodachi Bonds again.

This expression is a masterpiece of the highest "WTH IS THIS?!" level.

Sakami: "When you are smart you are a...?
Waiyin: "Genius!"
Sakami: "And something after that...?"
Waiyin: "Genius Sage!"

Some of the notable anecdotes:
Grand Fonic Hymn > Nocturne just sang it.
Adephagos > Nocturne: "That throat thing, the... the oesophagus!" And Geraldine guessed it correctly I DON'T EVEN.
Skits > Wen Loong: "Funny things in all Tales games!"
Nachtigal Fenn/Il Fan > "King of Xillia?" "Gaius!" "The other one?" "Nachtigal!" "His last name?!" "WTH IS THAT" Apparently, a lot of people don't know the last names of NPCs XDDD In the end, this one was guessed by the hint "What do you use to keep you cool?"
Sodia > Hweein: "Annoying girl in Vesperia!" Waiyin: "...Nan?" Hweein: "NO, THE ONE WITH A SIDE PIGTAIL" and then Waiyin got it. Those poor girls HAHA

Albiore > Sakami: "I think it's some kind of bird?" Everyone was so scandalized that she didn't remember what the Albiore was HAHAHAHA
Mieu > "You abuse this!" And people got this.
Zestiria > Hweein: "WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE CHARACTERS YET" Unfortunately ;;
Bazongas/Bariboo > Aki: "Milla! Most attractive part of her body!" Greg: "MIDRIFF?!" Everyone lost it at that.
Human Ranch > Ruby: "We're all?" "Humans!" "And then second word you grow things on them." "Farm!" "No, more like for horses!" After which the Symphonians sort of explained Human Ranches and tadah spoilers HAHA

Magic Carta > "We played this just now!" Welp.
Frederic Barnes > "Cheria's grandfather!" "Something Barnes?" "Yeah like... You know from Harry Potter, George and...?" "Fred Barnes? FREDERIC!"
Cheria Barnes > After 'Cheria' was correctly guessed, Waiyin asked for her full name, and Sakami went "Cheria Lhant!" without thinking. DON'T MARRY HER OFF YET LMAO
Red Sunscreen Ranger > Aki spent an entire minute trying to describe this. People kept thinking it was Sun Ranger XD
Patty Fleur > Again, the last name that they couldn't remember. Hweein: "Sounds like flower!" and Waiyin got it. THE POWER OF FRENCH?
Mabo Curry > "Our team name!" How convenient XDD

Panacea Bottle > Ruby: "The second is what you put water in!" and then her team mates just scrolled through all the Bottles until they hit the right one www
Protect/Mamoru > As soon as it was described, three members shouted "MAMORU!!" at the same time. I AM STILL VERY UPSET THAT NO ONE REMEMBERS WHO DESCRIBED THIS AND HOW ;_;
Eleth Burst > Waiyin described this accurately, but they all kept going Eleth BREAK. Guys, you want to hi-ougi, not let your enemies hi-ougi!
Silencing/Grand Loss < Sakami: "The game where we're not allowed to speak" Waiyin: "Silent!" Sakami: "THE PRESENT PARTICIPLE"
Raven > "Bird, common, flies on the streets, black" Poor Ossan.
Sonia Rolando > Sakami: "Oh. DOOOOOOD WHO ARE YOU" and passed.

Cheagle > Greg: "Something you abuse!" "Mieu!" "What is it?" "Cheagle!" IT APPEARS THAT EVERYONE DISLIKES MIEU LOL
Wingul the Nova/Revolution < "EMO HAIR." They managed to get Wingul but didn't know his title. Waiyin and Sakami were saying to each other that "Obviously they haven't gotten hit by his hi-ougi enough!!"
King Ingobert > Waiyin described the king of Kimlasca, but they didn't know his name. "Opposite of out!" "In!" "Opposite of stop!" Hweein: "Go!... Ingo... KING INGOBERT"
And for all the Valkines Cryas names and spirits, they tended to just scroll through every single one until they got it right XD

For the last five minutes or so, I took over the role of the hinter and the game became a free-for-all.

Sephiroth Trees > "Final Fantasy 7 main villain?" "SEPHIROTH-- SEPHIROTH TREES"
Beloved son > "Not a main event!" "Sidequest?" "Abyss where someone extra joins you!" "ASCH!" "He gains a...?" "TITLE!" "What's that title called?"  And then with a very triumphant look on her face, Sakami went "BELOVED SON!!"

And then the main games were over! It was a very close competition, but the final score was 346 : 312 with Team Majinken as the champions! Well done, all!

Obviously someone decided to abuse my whiteboard markers HAHA

I gave everyone their prizes, changed Ruby's and Geraldine's, and then pulled out a Bonus Game. Due to the fact that some people couldn't come, I had some extra prizes left over, so I pulled up Rebirth PSP's preorder bonus for everyone to watch and answer questions on.

Hopefully, one day Namdai will release Rebirth in English, and then more fans would be interested to try it. ;w;

As they watched, I tidied up most of the room and packed things away. Hweein couldn't return too late, so we had to hurry a bit. Wen Loong, Aki and Sakami won the bonus prizes, and then we cleared most of the room and asked a kind passerby to help us take a photo!

Group shot~~! ...Except that Waiyin quietly hid herself =w=;

We hurried off to dinner. Although it was late (just past eight), the food court was still rather crowded, but we managed to grab two tables and squeeze together. I sat down to rest my poor aching legs while the others bought dinner, then shared a bowl of hor fun with Sakami. Chatted with the others about possibly having a Tales of the World shoot again this year too, asked for feedback about Games Day, then thanked everyone for their time.

Walked them to the station, said a last goodbye, then returned to the function room with Sakami, Waiyin, Greg and Ruby to finish packing and cleaning. Sakami headed upstairs with Greg to collect his book and game, while the rest of us sat around the room resting and talking. We took the rubbish bin out together, then headed off to the train station and home.


It's been three years since I first had the idea of organising a small event for Tales fans to have fun. Although we had fun the last time, there was a lot I failed at, and I think I managed to do a better job this time round! It's also wonderful to see more and more people growing to love Tales, for it is an amazing series, with many awesome fans. I don't regret putting in so much effort to organise Games Day, because it was completely worth it to be able to celebrate the wonder of Tales with everyone! Maybe in future, we can have even more Tales fans join us. *w*

I've thanked you all over facebook multiple times already, so I won't add any further to the length of this already insanely long journal. I hope all of you enjoyed Tales of Games Day 2014 as much as I did, and maybe we can do this again next year! Thank you all for everything!


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